Benefits of Mum & Baby Yoga

✨Benefits of Mum & Baby Yoga✨

Our first course for the year starts on the 9th of February, Thursday. Registration is now OPEN. Book now, as spaces are limited.

Mothers are natural givers and an introduction of a new baby to the family can be overwhelming for new mothers. This is where postnatal yoga plays an important role.

• Our class is a baby friendly yoga class and allows you and your baby to bond while engaging in a wholesome and relaxing activity.

• Creates an opportunity for new mums to interact and share the challenges and joy of parenthood. This builds a community of mothers who can provide support and encouragement for one another.

• Teaches new mums how to bring awareness to their breath and to stay connected with their breath one pose at a time.

• Our relaxation and meditation techniques will help new mums to reduce anxiety and stress.

• Our class provides women with a continuity of care, from prenatal to postnatal. This helps to ensure that new mothers feel supported throughout their entire journey of motherhood.

• Postnatal yoga classes with a specialist teacher not only provides yoga designed for postnatal, but also a source of useful information and resources.

• The importance of pelvic floor exercises postpartum is crucial in ensuring that new mothers do not suffer from incontinence later in life.

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